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Important - Working with Children Check

The Working With Children Check (WWCC) commenced in April 2006 and it contributes to the safety of Victoria’s children when in care, or participating in a variety of activities. 

The WWCC creates a mandatory minimum checking standard across Victoria.  It helps to keep children safe by preventing those who pose a risk to the safety of children from working with them, in either paid or volunteer work. 

The Riots, Hawthorn Basketball Association and Basketball Victoria require all Team Managers and Coaches have a current WWCC. 

Applications need to be completed online via the Department of Justice WWC website, before lodging at an Australia Post outlet and the club being supplied with a copy.

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Team Managers Duties

Each team at the Riots must have a Team Manager who is usually a parent of one of the Registered Players. The Team Manager acts as the first point of contact for parents and carries out administrative duties on behalf of the team. Being a Team Manager is a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with the 3121 basketball and school community, help the club,  your kids and requires very little of your time!

The Team Manager is generally responsible for off-court team management activities while the Coach is responsible for on-court team management activities.

The club fully supports it’s Team Managers throughout the season and provides a full list of Team Manager duties and required forms to help you along. The following is a summary of Team Manager duties:

Prior to start of competition season:

  • Send Riots Online Player Registration email to Parents
  • Liaise with Riots Training Coordinator to determine Training Venue & Time
  • Notify Parents of HBA Fixture
  • Organise Player and Parent Scorer Roster

During the competition season:

  • Send reminder email to parents on a weekly basis of game time and venue
  • Explain scoring to inexperienced Parents
  • Inform Riots Training Coordinator when court hire is not required for training
  • Distribute Riots information to parents as required.

End of competition season:

  • If the team makes the finals, ensure Parents/ Players are aware of venue and time
  • Advise Parents/ Players of end of season celebration details
  • Advise Riots Registrar of how many Players will continue playing in following season



The Richmond Riots Management Committee have initiated the role of Coaching Director to provide more support to our coaches. The key focus within this role is to act as mentors and provide support to coaches and their teams if required, with a focus on growing basketball capability amongst the coaches and players. 

Chris Swenson is the Riots Coaching Director. He has the experience and resources to cover items such as fundamentals training for first time players and complex training drills for experienced players. Most importantly he can support coaches with training programs, game day situations or specialised training for individuals or  groups of players.

Chris has extensive basketball experience at all levels. Chris has been playing basketball for over 18 years and played at senior level for The City of Launceston Rockets. Chris has coached at both senior and junior levels and holds a NCAS Level 1 Basketball Coach accreditation.  Chris currently coaches the Richmond Riots u18 boys and u16 girls.

You can contact him on cswenson@bigpond.com

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Please click on the following Hawthorn Basketball Association (HBA) link to view the Rules –  2017-18 HBA Competition Rules

If you have a WWCC and are interested in coaching or becoming a Team Manager, get in touch via the big yellow button!


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