Prior to the beginning of the Basketball Hawthorn (BH) competition season, you will be required to:


1)      Fill in the Richmond Riots Basketball Club Player Registration Form

2)      Pay the associated Richmond Riots Basketball Club Player Registration Fees.


The Richmond Riots Basketball Club Registration Fee is a set fee per season, per player (irrespective of the number of players in the team or the number of BYE's allocated in the BH fixture). BH operates two competition seasons a year (Summer and Winter).


The Player Registration Fee for the Summer 2019/20 Season is as follows:

· Registration Fee: $255 for first and second child / $225 for third and additional child per family

· Uniform = $100 (If required)

· Premium Socks = $20


The Player Registration Fee (per season) primarily covers:

· Basketball Hawthorn Registration, Match Fees and Insurance

· Richmond Riots Basketball Club Operating Costs (primarily court hire)


Payment can be made by direct debit / electronic funds transfer into the Richmond Riots Basketball Club bank account.

BSB - 123-603

A/C - 21782645

Please include the player name and age division as a reference (ie U10 John Smith) and email the receipt to the Treasurer to advise of the payment at -


Basketball Hawthorn and Richmond Riots Basketball Club requires its Registered Players to wear the Club Uniform for all matches.

The current uniform fee (shorts and singlet) is $100 and can be ordered through our online store with our partners iAthletic at

The uniform consists of Richmond Riots branded singlet and shorts. 


The table at the bottom of this page gives a guideline of singlet & short sizes.  

For more information on uniform sizing please email our Club Uniform Coordinator.  


It's generally better to go for a bigger size as this tends to be the style in basketball and the uniform can be worn for more seasons.



Richmond Riots Socks can be ordered and paid for during the registration process.

The club has the socks in stock.  The Team Operations Manager will deliver these to your team manager once they are paid for.

The club now has an online merchandise store and the below items can be ordered through our online store with our partners iAthletic at

All items are delivered straight to your door.


If you no longer need your uniform, we would be happy to take donations of quality uniforms to sell. All proceeds from the sale will go back to the club!

Team Formation

Richmond Riots has a Team Formation Committee made up of two experienced coaches on the committee, Registrar, Team Operations Manager and the Coaching coordinator. This committee oversees the process of determining the RBC teams for the impending BH season adhering to the RBC Team Formation Guidelines. These guidelines include the following:

1)       Teams should have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 10 players.  However the club recommends NO more than 9 players.

2)      All players should play in their correct age bracket in order for them to complete in the BH competition.

BH determines age eligibility on a player’s age at the end of the year that the season finishes, eg: 18/19 Summer Season will finish in 2019, so a player’s age at end 2019 is the bench mark for age groupings.

U/9 (Players Born 2011) played on a lower ring

U10 (Players Born 2010)

U/12 (Players Born 2009, 2008)

U/14 (Players Born 2007, 2006)

U/16 (Players Born 2005, 2004) boys go to a size 7 ball

U/18 (Players Born 2003, 2002)

U/23 (Players Born 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001)

3)       While friendship groups of players are considered when forming teams, issues that may affect the individual player’s development will also be regarded. This may involve placing a player in a more skilled team to allow his or her development to progress, or conversely in a less skilled team to allow a player the chance to develop in a less competitive environment.

4)     Overall team structure is considered, in respect to height, speed, offensive and defensive skills. This is more important in the older age group (U14 age and up).

5)     In forming teams, the objectives are to place children in a division that is appropriate to their standard so they can fully participate in the game, interact in the best possible way with their teammates and further their basketball skills.

6)      Consideration is given to the BH Representative Player Restrictions (points system) that allocate points to Representative Players. Under this policy, each team may have no more than 14 points worth of representative players.

7)      If a team is short of the required number of players, the club reserves the right to add players to the team based on the Expression of Interest (waiting list) order.

8)      All teams need to have their own volunteer Team Manager and Coach. It is mandatory that both of these people have a Working with Children Check. For more information, see our Team Managers & Coaches Page.

9)      All players will be required to complete a Richmond Riots Basketball Club Player Registration form (each competition season) which will permit the players to train with the club and compete in the Hawthorn Basketball Association.

10)       Anyone NOT registered, cannot train with the team at formal training sessions or play in a formal game (as they will not be covered by insurance).

Please note:

If an existing registered Player decides not to continue playing basketball in the following season (eg. they might like to play a different sport), they are no longer considered registered with the Club and their position on the team will be filled with either a current member or someone on the waiting list. If that child would like to return to Riots in the future, they will need to register an Expression of Interest via this website. The returning player will not be guaranteed a position in any previous team they may have played in.

Team Training

Team training times will be advised to players via their Team Manager.

Times are strictly as scheduled and subject to agreements the Riots have in place with the venues where the training takes place.